The Powered Parachute is one of the safest, most affordable and convenient ways to fly.

If your dream is to fly then the carefree, open cockpit “wind in the face” excitement of the Powered Parachute is for you!

Please explore this site and contact us if you wish to try a flight in a powered parachute or simply want to find out more information.


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Pilot Training - to allow you to achieve your powered parachute pilots certificate

Trial Flights - where you fly with an instructor to experience the thrill of the powered parachute

At Powered Parachute Perth we offer:

Maintenance - to service your powered parachute or provide an Aircraft Condition Report (required for registration transfer)

Powered Parachute Perth is the premier Western Australian based powered parachute training facility

The Aerochute

The Steel Breeze

If you want more information please contact Brett on:

0417 986269 or